Production Ability

Hardware workshop

The hardware workshop is equipped with different tonnage oil-pressing machine, punching machines and other drawing and stamping equipment, automatic argon welding machines, laser welding machines, silver soldering machines, intensive-spot welding machines and other equipment required for product welding. 

Injection workshop

The injection workshop is equipped with more than 40 domestic well-known brand Haitian injection machines and more than 30 automatic manipulators. At the same time, it is equipped with related ingredients, scraps and toner production equipment. The daily output can reach more than 10000 sets, which can be used for the production of five assembly lines. 

Assembly workshop

Modern assembly workshop has 5 fully automatic assembly lines. The production of electric kettle can reach more than 7000 sets, juicer、blender  and other electric production capacity can more than 2000 sets. The workshop is equipped with 2 screen printing lines, 2 parts assembly lines and 1 ultrasonic welding line at the same time to provide a strong guarantee for the product assembly. 

R&D department

The young, energetic R&D team is the core department of the company’s product development. The department has professional R&D personnel in electronics, electric graphic design, etc., who have been working in the small home appliances’ research and development more than 5 years with rich independent R&D and design ability. 

QA (Quality Manual)

The company has always been committed to product quality and management, view product quality as the vitality of the company. The company introduces advanced manufacture equipment, testing equipment and testing instruments continuously to provide guarantee of producing high quality products. 

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