Precautions for the use of electric kettles-electric kettle use methods and maintenance knowledge

Electric kettle is a small household appliance that is often used in our lives and is very convenient to use. Moreover, electric kettles have incomparable advantages over water dispensers, which has led many families to use electric kettles instead of water dispensers. So what aspects should you pay attention to during the use of electric kettles? Below, the editor has compiled the use methods and maintenance knowledge of electric kettles for you, let's take a look! Precautions for Use-How to Use Electric Kettle The electric kettle should be placed on a level table. After the power is turned on, press the boiling switch. At this time, be sure to confirm whether the kettle has been filled with water, and remember not to dry it. Moreover, the water should not be overfilled, and the water surface should be 2 to 3 cm below the water level of the spout to prevent the water from spilling out of the pot when it is boiling and getting wet on the base and causing leakage. After the water is boiled, be sure to turn off the power, and unplug the power plug before pouring the water. The electric kettle boils water because of its high thermal efficiency. It only takes about 3-5 minutes for the electric kettle to boil a pot of water, so pay attention to the time for the water to boil. After the electric kettle is used for a period of time, a layer of white scale will form in the kettle. When the scale is between 300 and 500 grams. The time required to boil a pot of water will be extended by about 4 to 7 minutes. It greatly increases power consumption. In addition, scale will have a bad effect on the human body. Therefore, the descaling treatment should be carried out after a short period of use. Precautions for the use of electric kettles-maintenance work In order to prolong the service life of the kettle, the mineral deposits in the kettle should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, be sure to disconnect the power first. Please do not soak the base of the kettle in water. Mix the vinegar and water into the kettle in a ratio of 1:2, then turn on the power, let the kettle work and wait for it to trip automatically. Let the mixture be stored in the kettle for 24 hours, then pour the mixture out, and then fill it with clean water to a certain position before working. Pour out the water will take away the limescale and vinegar essence. Finally, clean the inside of the pot with clean water. Repeat the above operation if necessary. During the use of the electric kettle, if a malfunction occurs, the kettle should be taken out of the heating base, drained of the water in the kettle, and then allowed to cool to room temperature before fault detection or cleaning can be carried out.

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